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Always the Teacher

Always the Teacher

Hi, I'm Lauren,

the owner of Love & Stitches. I have been crocheting since I was a little girl. It wasn't until I went away to Potsdam for college when I started to crochet regularly and even design patterns. Crochet has been a wonderful stress reliever for me. My schedule was always jam packed with education, history, and music courses. So crochet was a welcome break, but I could still feel productive. During this time I started another business, Lo.Ve Originals. With this business I go to local craft shows and sell my finished crochet products.

​Fast forward to grad school. I stayed home while completing my masters degree in literacy. I stayed busy with my homework, craft shows with Lo.Ve Originals, and working as a substitute teacher at a local school district. After 4 long years of subbing and completing my degree, I still did not have a full time position. It's extremely frustrating to be good at what you love to do and not get a chance to show it.

I truly enjoy being a teacher. I love teaching history and helping students learn to read and write. Right now it is tough to get a teaching position in my subject area. So I have now turned to my other passion - yarn! Why not open a yarn store? Why not share my love of yarn crafts? I may be young, but I have a real passion for my craft and I would love to share it with my community.

​**Update - I have a full time teaching position as a high school history teacher. This is why my hours are nights and Saturdays.