New Year, New Yarn!

Introducing the Love & Stitches 2022 Yarn Challenge!

Happy New Year! 2021 is finally over and we get to feel like we have a little bit of a fresh start. Over the past few weeks I have been working on something really fun for this year. Love & Stitches will be hosting a year long yarn challenge. The goal is to expand your yarn horizons with us as we tackle 20 crafty tasks throughout 2022. It is free to participate and you can win prizes along the way! 


Here is the list of the 20 tasks…

  • Hat
  • Socks or slippers
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Shawl
  • Sweater
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Alpaca or Llama
  • Acrylic
  • Yarn Held Double
  • Fingering Weight
  • Sport or DK Weight
  • Worsted Weight
  • Bulky Weight
  • Learn a New Technique
  • Finish an Old WIP
  • Use Many Colors
  • Needs Extra Tools
  • Create Your Own


You can download your own list to print here or pick one up in store. 



We were very careful creating this list of tasks so it would be open to both knitters and crocheters. Even though there are some techniques in both crafts that share names, there are many that are specific to knit or crochet. 


We also wanted you to be able to personalize these tasks for your abilities and your comfort level. For example, if you can’t work with animal fibers, you can make other tasks to complete instead. This challenge is all about YOU trying new things and not making the same projects or working with the same yarn all the time.  

When you complete 10 tasks, come down to the store to get your coupon for 10% off your total purchase. Please remember to bring your list and show off the projects you made!


When you complete all 20 tasks, come back to the store for your special prize! Again remember to bring your list and be ready to proudly show off the projects you made. 


We are here to help you find patterns or brainstorm project ideas. You can also schedule appointments for private lessons to work through tougher projects. 



  1. Be creative. Work with new to you yarn, explore new patterns. This is a great way to get out of a crafty rut. Or the perfect excuse to buy that yarn you’ve been eyeing, but had no idea what to do with it. 


  1. One project per task. No double dipping here. Sure you can make a pair of socks with a colorwork design in fingering weight yarn as a gift for your Great Aunt Martha, BUT those socks can only count for one task.  


  1. Be Honest. Not just with us, but with yourself. This is a fun activity to work on throughout the year with other yarn lovers in the area. Yes, there is a prize when you complete all 20 tasks and you are not required to show us your finished work. We would love to see your projects though and share it on social media with your fellow yarnies. However, should you be that person finishing all these tasks super quick, don’t be surprised if we ask for proof.